Gateshead People star in a new on-line video!

Gateshead People show what to do if you experience hate crime when travelling on the metro.

For people with learning disabilities, being able to travel independently is not just about knowing the route and how to use public transport, they also need to know what to do if targeted by hate crime. It's not surprising that hate crime is one of the most talked about issues among our self advocates.

Here you can see a film made with Gateshead People members, Nexus, Gateshead Community Safety Team and Northumbria Police showing people what to do if they are scared or threatened when travelling on the Metro.

.Take Ann and Kirsty's advice and keep safe.

Show it to your friends, take it to your groups and spread the word!

#GatesheadPeople #LearningDisability #HateCrime #KeepingSafe

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