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Talk to us

Have you used health and social care services? 
Do you want to improve these services in your community?
We want to hear from you!


Our Co-Production team provides ways for people to share their views and experiences to help improve how services are designed and delivered.  We would love to hear from you about your experiences of health and social care services so please get in touch and give us your thoughts about what works well and what could be improved.

Why get involved?

  • Share your experiences to help shape better services.

  • Collaborate with others to create solutions.

  • Make a real impact.

How to talk to us

  • Call us on 0191 478 6472

  • Email us at

  • Attend forums and group discussions (look out for future dates advertised on our website and social media channels)

  • Complete an online survey.

Get in touch and make a difference today.

For more information about co-production at Your Voice Counts and our dedicated team, please visit Co-Production | Your Voice Counts (

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