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Board Reference Group

Join our Board Reference Group

We are looking for people who have experience of Your Voice Counts services to join the YVC
Board Reference Group.


What is the YVC Board Reference Group?

We meet every three months to hear about plans and priorities for Your Voice Counts (YVC) and to
give our views and opinions about decisions the YVC Board of Directors might need to make in the


Your Voice Counts believes in putting people who have experience of its services at the heart of decision-making so the YVC Board Reference Group is important way of making sure this happens.


Who can join the YVC Board Reference Group?

Anyone who has experience of any Your Voice Counts service can join the group. This could be because:

  • you have direct experience of receiving a service yourself, or

  • a family member or someone you care for has received a service.

There is no time limit on when the service was received.

Why should I join the YVC Board Reference Group?


This is a fantastic chance to influence how Your Voice Counts plans and develops its services so that they meet the needs of the people who use them,

Our meetings are relaxed and informal with no obligation to contribute more than you feel comfortable with. We are proud of our friendly, welcoming atmosphere and that we’re making a difference to other people who might benefit from the same services we have used.

“The meeting was great, I had fun and learnt some things about Your Voice Counts. It’s important to have our say.”


Get in touch


If you're interested in finding out more, please get in touch with Oli Wood by emailing or calling 0191 478 6472.

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