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Co-Production at Your Voice Counts

The Your Voice Counts Co-Production team provides ways for the
people who use our services and their carers and supporters to
share their experiences and influence how services are designed
and delivered in future.


We believe in listening to and empowering people with different needs and abilities to bring about
positive change.  Our Co-Production team is driven by the belief that:

People who use our services should be involved in the production of our organisation,
shaping a brighter future together

What do we do?

We run projects that give people the chance to share their views and have their say.  Through our projects, everyone:

  • gets something out of the project

  • shares stories

  • works together

  • gets heard

  • has the same access

  • is equal.


To do this, we might take part in activities such as:

  • sessions on hospital wards

  • visiting or creating residents' groups at care homes

  • running coffee mornings for parents and carers

  • creating Facebook groups

  • running themed sessions throughout the year

  • holding quarterly forums around mental health

  • facilitating self-advocacy groups.  

Contact us 

If you’re interested in finding out more or joining our User Voice Network please contact us on 0191 478 6472 or

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