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Useful documents and information

As well as providing services that directly support people to speak up for their rights and be involved in decisions about their life, we are also pleased to provide resources that may be helpful to people who just need some information or signposting in order to better understand their circumstances and rights. 

NHS complaints


If you live in Gateshead and need help with an NHS complaint, visit NHS Independent Complaints Advocacy for information about how we can support you. 


We promote self-advocacy and provide support so that people can speak up and advocate for themselves where possible.  The following self-advocacy groups are available locally: 


  • Speaking Up Together - self-advocacy organisation supported by Your Voice Counts for people with learning disabilities in Gatehead and South Tyneside

  • Better Days - self-advocacy organisation for people with learning disabilities in Newcastle

  • Sunderland People First - a self-advocacy group for people with learning disabilities and autistic people living in Sunderland.

The following tools might be useful in helping you to speak up for what you want and need:

Information in other languages and formats


All of the information on our website can be translated into over 100 languages using the 'Accessibility Tools' option at the top of the screen which opens our ReciteMe toolbar.  ReciteMe provides a range of inclusive accessibility features including reading the text aloud and customising font sizes, colours and backgrounds.  Find out more about using ReciteMe using the link below:

The Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board has also published their key information in a range of languages and in Easy Read format:

Easy Read guides to using technology

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