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Would you like to be the Co-Chair of Your Voice Counts?

We are looking for someone who has a learning disability and has used our services to be the new Co-Chair of our Board of Directors!

As Co-chair you make sure Board meetings are run well. You check that everyone is included and make sure the Board is doing its job well.

We have one Co-Chair already called Christina. You will work with Christina to run the Board meetings.

You will also work with the rest of the Board which includes people with learning disabilities, autistic people and people with mental ill health, as well as people other skills and experiences. Visit Meet the Board to find out more about the other people on our Board.

For more information, please download an application pack here.

This will tell you more information about the role, what kind of person we are looking for and how to apply.

If you would like to speak to somebody about the role before you apply, or if you need any help with your application, please call 0191 478 6472 or email


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