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Together for 30 with Dave and Lisa

Our Chief Executive David Woolley and the Co-Chair of our Board Lisa Kelly are taking on our #YVC30 Together for 30 challenge to celebrate our 30th anniversary this month and raise awareness of the impact social isolation can have on the people we support. They met up this week to get some steps in while catching up. This blog from David explains more:

"It was fantastic to meet up with our inspirational Co-Chair Lisa today to support her with her Together for 30 challenge. Lisa has signed up to do 30 minutes of exercise a day with friends and family to help raise awareness of the impact of social isolation and the importance of connecting with people. Today was the first day we’ve met in person for nearly two years!

"Walking for 30 minutes isn’t easy for Lisa, so for her to agree to this challenge really is a big commitment and we’re grateful to her for the effort she’s making. We enjoyed a walk along the quayside in Newcastle in the sunshine and a good catch up, and we rewarded ourselves with a coffee and a cup of tea!

"Lockdown has been a tough time for Lisa, she’s very close to her family but she’s also a very sociable and independent person - as well as chairing our Board of Directors she’s also a member of New Vision training enterprise and the Twisting Ducks theatre company. She’s really missed meeting up with her friends and working together in person, and while she’s adapted well to working over Zoom, it hasn’t replaced the enjoyment she gets from meeting face to face with people. It’s been great for her to start to reconnect and, like me, she’s really looking forward to holding our first ‘in person’ Board meeting for a long time in October."

Find out more about our Together for 30 fundraising campaign and support us if you can at


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