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Advocacy for parents with learning disabilities

We are delighted to have been awarded a three-year grant to provide advocacy support for parents with learning disabilities and their families in Newcastle and South Tyneside.

Our project will work with individuals to help them navigate the challenges they face, to have their voices heard, to have greater choice and control when it comes to decision making about their family circumstances, and to improve their resilience.

The project is being funded with the support of The Charity of Sir Richard Whittington (better known as Dick Whittington) who created a charity under his will (now entrusted to the Mercers Company). We are proud that our project will be part of such a rich, historic legacy.

Sharon de Jesús, Head of Advocacy at Your Voice Counts, said:

"We are keen to grow the Your Voice Counts advocacy offer so that we can reach more people who need support when decisions that will significantly affect their lives are being made.

"This funding will enable us to provide advocacy services tailored to the unique needs of parents who have learning disabilities so their rights, wishes and best interests are taken into account and they feel supported when faced with challenging circumstances.

"We know from experience that good relationships are key to successful advocacy, so we're looking forward to getting started and working with our partners to deliver this service."


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