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Welcoming a new Co-Chair of our Board of Directors

“We’re delighted to welcome Christina Gates onto our Board of Directors as Co-Chair of the Your Voice Counts Board. Christina will be working alongside Co-Chair Lisa Kelly. Your Voice Counts currently has five learning disabled Board trustees and Lisa has chaired our Board for more than 10 years.

It’s our passionate belief that people with learning disabilities can and should hold positions of influence that can affect real change within organisations. We’re always thinking about ways in which we can do this better, whilst ensuring our Board is effective and inclusive.

We decided to create a Co-Chair role to ensure that Lisa has the support she needs to lead the organisation in a meaningful way, and to work alongside her to drive forward the changes we want to make to the organisation as we continue to grow.

It was important to find the right person for this position. We need someone who shares our core values and believes in our mission of getting our Board to a place where it can serve as an example of person-centred governance nationwide.

We’re delighted that Christina has agreed to join us. She has a wealth of experience helping to guide and develop organisations to achieve their full potential. She’s determined to ensure that people with learning disabilities themselves remain at the centre of leadership of our organisation and we know she and Lisa will make a fantastic team.

We’ve also created a role to support our Board over a 12-month period to explore new and innovative ways of making our meetings accessible for people with learning disabilities and from our other client groups.

Christina joins us at an exciting time, and we’re pleased to welcome her aboard.”

Dave Woolley


Your Voice Counts

"I am really happy and excited to be working with Christina to support each other and to lead the organisation. We want Your Voice Counts to show how important it is that people with learning disabilities can be leaders, and I am looking forward to working with Christina"

Lisa Kelly

Co-Chair of the Board of Directors

Your Voice Counts

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