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Picnic in the Park

Gateshead People and the Involvement Now Team, old and new friends had a lovely day at the picnic in the Saltwell Park for Learning Disability Week in June.

Luckily it did not rain. People came on their own, in groups from their homes and with support workers. We also had some other friends join us from Your Voice Counts and Steven Kelly from Gateshead Community Safety Team.

The theme this year was Employment.

Sheila's who represented both Gateshead People and Involvement Now said "It was a good turn out, we made new friends"

The banner making was useful, everyone helped each other out making them. It gave us ideas of what messages we wanted to give to people high up like the Prime Minister, M.P’s and councilors. A good way of getting the word around". You can see some of the messages from the photos attached: “Give us a Chance”, “We Want Work”, We can Work”, “Give Us a Job”, “Help us Work”, “Knock down the Barriers for us Now”.

Click on the gallery below to see more pictures from the day.

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