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Your Voice Counts is proud to support the Haref Allies

Connected Voice Haref Allies work together to tackle health inequalities for ethnically minoritised communities across Newcastle and Gateshead and we're proud to be part of the group.

As an active member of the Haref Allies, two nominated people from our team have committed to improving our services for ethnically minoritised communities alongside supporting other Haref Allies to improve their services by sharing good practice.

We’ll also be working directly with our local communities through the Haref Network, listening and responding to the health issues they raise and working together to create solutions.

Why are Haref Allies needed?

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted huge disparities in health across our diverse communities. Unfortunately, health inequalities have existed long before Covid-19 and some ethnically minoritised communities experience significantly higher levels of ill health and premature death than the rest of the population. Some communities are also more likely to be in poverty, and poverty is a significant factor in poorer health outcomes. We also have services that are not easy to access or designed to accommodate the needs and cultural differences within diverse communities.

Connected Voice Haref has been campaigning for health equality for almost 20 years - read more about their work and current health issues on their website.


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