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Your Voice Counts Digital Toolkit

Helping people with learning disabilities to thrive online

When lockdown restrictions were first introduced in 2020, we quickly realised the extent of digital exclusion within our communities and the risk this posed to people with learning disabilities who rely on regular interaction with their support networks.

Thanks to funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, we were able to mobilise a team to provide practical and emotional help and advice tailored to the needs of the people we support to help them connect online with confidence. This ranged from supplying devices and data to providing ongoing training and support to develop skills and confidence to get the most out of their internet access.

Through this project we learned that digital exclusion takes many forms but that with the right tools and support people with learning disabilities can thrive online.

Hear the stories of some of the people we support and how we helped them in this short film

Organisations and groups trying to help people get online might find the following resources useful

Useful resources for staff

Easy read guides

Our Digital Toolkit case studies (individual films)

Margaret's story

Peter's story

Paula's story

Mark's story

More information

We’re happy to share our learning and experiences with anyone interested in supporting people to connect online. Email to find out more.

“Thanks for this, it was very detailed and I loved the videos.”

Ceri McGhee

Funding Officer – North East & Cumbria Team


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