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Safeguarding Adults through Independent Care Act Advocacy

It's often said that safeguarding is everyone's business, something that we're very familiar with as independent advocates working across the North East to help people have a voice and be protected in crucial decisions about their lives.

To mark Safeguarding Adults Week 2023 we're sharing some examples from our advocates to illustrate the vital role advocacy plays in safeguarding adults in our region.

My story as an advocate working with John

"John had lived in his home for a long time and he liked it there but was struggling to keep on top of his rent and at risk of losing his home. John's social worker suspected that a friend who visited John regularly was taking his money so she raised a safeguarding concern and I was allocated as his Independent Care Act Advocate.

"It was hard for me to visit John at home because of the risk of his friend calling in. He didn't want to meet me at the advocacy office or in the community either but he was comfortable talking on the phone so we kept in touch this way.

"During our phone calls, I would check to make sure John was alone and free to talk. John said he didn't want to leave his home and he didn't see any issues with his money so I worked with John and his social worker on a plan so that he could stay in his home. John agreed to a visiting support service and also a specialist service to help with his finances.

"Now, John has the support he needs, and he can stay in the place he loves. I worked with John to make sure his voice was heard, and that together we found a solution that worked for him."

For more information about our advocacy service, visit

Names and some details have been changed to protect anonymity.


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