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Where advocacy happens - Wednesday

Advocacy matters and happens everywhere, not just behind a desk or phone.

To mark Advocacy Awareness Week 2023, we’re sharing snapshots from our advocates’ caseloads to illustrate the variety of issues our advocates are involved in, the practicalities of how we deliver our service and, most importantly, the impact we have on the people we support to help answer the question #WhatIsAdvocacy. *

Wednesday – Residential Care Home, Gateshead

Today, I'm visiting a residential care setting for older people to catch up with Stan and see how he’s doing. Stan used to live with his wife but moved to the care home after having a serious fall that required a hospital admission.

The decision for Stan to move here wasn't made by Stan himself. Stan's wife and social worker worked together to figure out that this move was in Stan's best interest. Stan is now under the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) which means that he can't leave the care home and the staff keep a close eye on how he's doing.

Because of DoLS, Stan has the right to a Relevant Person's Representative (RPR) - originally, Stan's wife thought of taking on this role but due to her own health concerns she decided it would be better for an advocate like me to support Stan. Ever since then, I've been visiting Stan regularly.

Stan might not always remember me, but he enjoys talking about his life during our conversations. These chats help me to understand how he's feeling and coping. During my visits, I also talk to the staff and review Stan's care plans. I check for things like are Stan’s needs being met, his care plans followed and if he's engaged in activities he enjoys.

I also stay connected with Stan's wife periodically. She visits him every week and offers valuable insights. She's a strong ally for Stan and an important part of his life.

Visit Where advocacy happens ( for the rest of our 'Where advocacy happens' series.

*Examples are illustrative with names and some details changed to protect anonymity.


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