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Where advocacy happens - Tuesday

Advocacy matters and happens everywhere, not just behind a desk or phone.

To mark Advocacy Awareness Week 2023, we’re sharing snapshots from our advocates’ caseloads to illustrate the variety of issues our advocates are involved in, the practicalities of how we deliver our service and, most importantly, the impact we have on the people we support to help answer the question #WhatIsAdvocacy. *

Tuesday – Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle City Centre

I'm on a visit this morning to the RVI hospital to meet with Irene and her consultant. Irene was admitted for tests that suggest cancer and a decision regarding surgery needs to be made. However, Irene has been assessed as unable to make this decision for herself and doesn’t have any family or close friends available to assist in making the decision so this is where I step in.

I’m here as an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) to make sure that the principles of the Mental Capacity Act are followed and that Irene's wishes, feelings and beliefs are taken into account when making a decision about her treatment.

Visit Where advocacy happens ( for the rest of our 'Where advocacy happens' series.

*Examples are illustrative with names and some details changed to protect anonymity.


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