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Where advocacy happens - Monday

Advocacy matters and happens everywhere, not just behind a desk or phone.

To mark Advocacy Awareness Week 2023, we’re sharing snapshots from our advocates’ caseloads to illustrate the variety of issues our advocates are involved in, the practicalities of how we deliver our service and, most importantly, the impact we have on the people we support to help answer the question #WhatIsAdvocacy. *

Monday – Hadrian Clinic, Newcastle West End

Today, I’m visiting Hadrian Clinic to meet with Shirley. I'm working with Shirley as her Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA) and we’re meeting this morning to talk about Shirley's plans to leave hospital and return home.

Shirley has spent four months in hospital under the Mental Health Act and is keen to get back home. It’s an important meeting and joining us will be her responsible clinician, social worker and a nurse from the ward as well as Shirley's husband and sister.

I met with Shirley last week during my visit to the ward and we spent time preparing for this meeting, discussing her thoughts and desires. We took notes together, and Shirley has those notes with her. We've planned if Shirley feels nervous during the meeting I'll act to ensure her wishes are represented and heard.

Visit Where advocacy happens ( for the rest of our 'Where advocacy happens' series.

*Examples are illustrative with names and some details changed to protect anonymity.


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