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Supporting people with an NHS complaint

Everyone has the right to the support of an advocate to make a complaint about an NHS service they've received and we're proud to be the official provider of this service for people who live in Gateshead.  


Our team of NHS Independent Complaints Advocates are specialists who can help people through the NHS complaints procedure by providing information, helping to draft letters, attend meetings and liaise with NHS staff.  This is an important service that helps people to speak up for themselves and assert their rights.  Tristan is one of our advocates who recently received this feedback from someone he supported to make a complaint about a service they'd received:


"Thank you for all your help with this. You made everything so much easier.  Thank you for all your support.  You were brilliant!"


For more information about NHS Independent Complaints Advocacy and how you can get help if you need it visit NHS Independent Complaints Advocacy | yourvoicecounts (


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