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Nice to meet you Jodie!

Jodie is one of our volunteers who helps to run our Diabetes peer support group and support our Community Voice and Know Your Neighbourhood projects. Jodie has a learning disability and is Deaf so during #DeafAwarenessWeek Jodie has been sharing sign language videos with us to help us learn the basics.

All about Jodie!

Where are you from? South Shields

Have you got any pets? Yes a cat called Sam and a dog called Bonnie. They get on well together. I have had Sam since 2005 and Bonnie since 2018.

Do you work and/or study?

I have two paid jobs with YVC. I am training to be a coach and will be helping at CTR’s (Care Treatment Reviews). I am also a regular volunteer at YVC and help to run the Diabetes support group. I am also enjoying doing Level 2 BSL (British Sign Language) course with ‘Sign It Hear.’

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to come to YVC sessions and have made new friends. I also enjoy going to the drama group and am in a show this week about a school reunion at Jarrow Focus. I also like to go swimming and to the disco with my friends. I also enjoy taking my dog for a walk.

What is your volunteer role?

I help to run the Diabetes group at Haven Point once a month.

What do you like about volunteering?

I enjoy it, it helps me to socialise with more people and gain more confidence.

Can you sum up volunteering in 3 words?

Confidence, understand (more things) and fun.

Has volunteering at YVC helped you with anything?

YVC has helped me to build my confidence, socialise and meet new friends.

Have you got any future goals?

I’d like to pass level 3 BSL and interpret for the Deaf, maybe have my own business walking dogs and also carry on coaching.

Thank you for all your support Jodie! For information about volunteering at YVC, visit


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