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Looking after our mental health

Our Health and Wellbeing Facilitator team provides lots of support to help people with learning disabilities look after their physical and mental health.

Connor from the team recently organised a stress bucket session to help people learn more about managing stress and steps we can take to stop our 'stress bucket' from overflowing.

The session was designed to meet the specific needs of people with learning disabilities so everyone was able to take part in a friendly and supportive environment.

We received some great feedback from the people who were there, and hope the skills they learned will help them in their daily lives.

  • “I found it helpful, learning about coping strategies has helped lower my stress levels. I learned how to control my negative emotions much better.”

  • “It was interesting learning the different ways to look after my stress levels.”

  • “Connor was amazing, the delivery was simple and was at a good pace for us to take in the information. I enjoyed learning about the different ways stress can be managed.”

Visit Health and wellbeing support for information about the team and how we can help.


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