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The Dimensions Learning Disability and Autism Leaders List 2021 – Our Winner and Nominees

We're so proud of our volunteer Chloe whose advocacy for LGBTQIA+, autistic and disabled people has won them a place on the Learning Disability and Autism Leaders List. This list celebrates inspirational people who are helping to make society better for everyone. The Leaders’ List celebrates their achievements across advocacy, sports, art and entertainment, work and education and in their local communities.

Volunteer Chloe holds up their certificate and trophy for being a Learning Disability and Autism Leader in 2021. They are smiling


Chloe was nominated for their volunteering and for their contributions to our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion working group. They are a passionate advocate for the LGBT+ community and have shared their own experience to help support our organisation to make positive change. When advocating for the LGBT+ community, Chloe has used their creativity to help share their experiences. They use poetry, illustration and video to help to get their message across and also to make sure their work is accessible to others.

Chloe has used their place on the Leaders List to raise awareness of barriers at Pride events for disabled and autistic people.

“Pride is an event that is supposed to celebrate difference and fight for change. For able-bodied and neurotypical people this is often the case; but for neurodiverse and disabled people, Pride is not always the most accessible of events”

To read more, including Chloe’s suggestions for making Pride more accessible:

We're also incredibly proud of our nominees for the fantastic work they do.


Lisa has been a fantastic advocate and spokesperson for the needs of people with learning disabilities for many years. She was nominated for her work to help set up an enterprise for people with learning disabilities called New Vision, that delivers training about the needs of people with learning disabilities. Lisa was also nominated for her work on our Board of Directors at Your Voice Counts. She runs our Board meetings really well, keeping us on topic and making sure everyone has a chance to have their say. Lisa challenges expectations about what people with learning disabilities can achieve.


Shaun was nominated for his work as a Commissioning Officer in South Tyneside, including his work at Care and Treatment Review Meetings and helping to oversee the Oliver McGowan Training to improve autism services. Shaun is especially good at asking questions that professionals sometimes don't think of and reminding them to put the person at the centre of their care. He is helping our organisation to get better at listening to people with lived experience.


Melissa was nominated as she has used the challenges she has faced as a way to lead change. In her role as Lived Experience Lead she has made a difference to how we work. Melissa stands up for herself and other staff who have learning disabilities and/or autism. She does this in a way that brings people together to understand the problems and create solutions. Even when leading is difficult and she has to do things that are hard for her she keeps going. She is a leader that includes people and encourages them to lead too.

Congratulations to all winners and nominees. You can find the full list of winners here:


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