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Have you received an autism diagnosis as an adult?

Peer researchers from Your Voice Counts are carrying out a research project looking at the support people receive before, during and after the process of being diagnosed with autism.

What are the aims of the project?

The research will give autistic people the chance to share their experiences of their autism diagnostic assessment to help us understand the support they received before, during and after the assessment and identify other types of support that might have been helpful.

What does peer research mean?

Peer research is carried out by people who have lived experience of the subject they are researching. This project is being delivered by peer researchers from Your Voice Counts who have received a diagnosis of autism as adults so their lived experience can inform how the research is carried out.

Who can get involved?

The survey is open to people who:

  • are over 18

  • have gone through or are waiting for an autism diagnosis

  • do not also have a learning disability

  • live in the North East or North Cumbria region.

If this applies to you, please share your experiences with us by completing our online survey using the link below:

Other ways to take part

If you find surveys inaccessible, we would like to offer another way for you to have your voice heard. Simply email us at with your thoughts.

The questions we would like you to share your thoughts on are:

  • What support would have been helpful for you while waiting on an autism diagnosistic assessment?

  • What support would have been helpful for you after you received your autism diagnosis?

  • Who do you think would be best to provide this support?

Completed surveys and people who email us directly will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Love2Shop voucher.


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