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Working with people with learning disabilities


This session will help you understand what a learning disability is, how to recognise and identify it, and how to change your practices to work and communicate successfully with people with learning disabilities.


All our training has been designed and is delivered by practising specialists. Our advocacy training is run by highly experienced practising advocates with a mix of specialisms,

We deliver our training to mixed public groups or on a bespoke basis to meet the needs of individual organisations.

Contact us to discuss how we can meet your training needs.

Tel: 0191 478 6472

For more information or to book a place on our next course please contact Andrew Crosbie or call us on 0191 478 64 72.

Testimonials for our training:

"This was time well spent, the two days absolutely flew past because we were so engaged"

"This was an excellent informative course and I really enjoyed the workshops"

"I was over-awed by the amount of knowledge and experience the tutors were able to share, that is what set this course apart from others"

"The tutors were excellent, very knowledgeable and the balance of theory and discussion made the learning so much more meaningful"



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