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Citizen Advocacy


Anybody in Gateshead or South Tyneside who has a learning disability can ask for a Citizen Advocate.

Citizen advocacy is where a volunteer advocate;



Meets up with someone regularly and gets to know them over time.

helping to speak up


Supports them to make their voice heard.


Supports them to get out and about in the local community.

 It is for people who want to make changes in their life and want someone to speak up for them.  

This can take time but we will prioritise (help first) :



People facing big changes in their life like moving house or losing someone they love.



People who need a lot of support


People who don’t see friends and family very often


If you would like to ask for a Citizen Advocate, please click on the picture to download our referral form.


Tick the box to say you want a Citizen Advocate, fill the form in and send back to us.  



Becoming a Citizen Advocacy Volunteer


We offer our Volunteers;



Accredited "Introduction to Advocacy" training




Ongoing support and supervision



Volunteer expenses



Access to our resources that would help in your role as a Volunteer



If you would like to volunteer to be a Citizen Advocate please download the Application Form below.

Volunteer Application Form


If you would like more information about Citizen Advocacy, please contact Claire or Alison on (0191) 478 6472 or email:



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